Advanced pellet technology enables controlled release active substances in the GI tract and enhances absorption and blood dynamic change in order to achieve optimum use of the active substance.
Provide research of new compounds, develop the generic active pharmaceutical ingredients, and nature product extraction, separation and purification.
Drug synthesis
and seperation
Use biological enhancers to increase the active substance absorption, reduces ot slows elimination rate of metabolism and other functions.
Control System
Quality control system from raw material to finished product, control points of heavy metals and microbial detection, content of active ingredients.

Nutraceutical Pellet

Health supplements will be given a new interpretation and a much more efficient way by using this technology. Nutraceutical pellet can be widely used in a varies type of health food formulation and products.

Why choose Nutraceutical Pellet:
  • Reduce moisture and light destruction of active ingredients.
  • Designed coating material gives a characteristic of controlled-releasing outer layer.
  • Diameter is less than 2.5mm which allows decreasing residence time in gastric acid and bile salt.
  • Spherical shape allows expanding the most absorption area in intestine.
  • Diameter is less than 2.5mm which is suitable for children or elders who has difficulty in swallowing.
  • Designed coating materials allow covering dislike smell or taste from raw materials.
  • Good for mix with daily food, such as ice cream or yogurt.

less than 2 millimeter

Core base
Foundation of pellet
Layer of Controlled Release 
Perfect membrane ratio allows to perform time controlled release
Layer of Active Ingredients 
Location of active ingredients
Layer of protection
Waterproof, practical barriers, cut off from external moisture, oxygen and light 
Types of Pellet Technology
Enteric Coating
Use to protect pellet or tablet from disintegration in acid environment of the stomach for one or more of the following reasons: i) To prevent degradation of acid sensitive API ii) To prevent irritation of stomach by certain drugs iii) Delivery of API into intestine iv) To provide a delayed release component for repeat action pellet or tablet
Water proofing coating
Apply to the pellet or tablet to be sealed, thoroughly dried and free of all residual solvents.
Sustained-Release Coating
Maintain drug release over a sustained period of time but not at a constant rate.
Controlled-Release Coating
Maintain drug release over a sustained period of time at a nearly constant rate.
Delayed-Release Coating
Controlled release of the active substance and time in GI tract in order to increase the absorption rate and amount of active ingredients.

Quality Management

FSSC 22000
Food Safety Management

Perfect production equipment and lines, with the health and safety of employees cleaning operations manager, heritage pharmaceuticals, making it ''food'' security.

Professional Lab Quality Testing

End-to-end full of finished products from raw material quality by varies professional laboratory equipment.

Automatic-air drying system

Meet regularly every quarter of temperature validation to ensure correct drying temperature, effective content and activity of ingredients.

Production environment & equipment monthly testing

Monthly detection of production water, equipment, RO reverse osmosis water, and annually body check of production personnel to ensure the best quality and the production environment.

Class 100,000
Clean Rooms
Class100,000 clean-controlled production environment

Class 100,000 clean air conditioning system allows to minimize micro-particles and pathogens, with high efficiency humidity control equipment, providing optimum production condition.